Persil Pro Clean Power-Liquid (Original Scent)

We’re pretty good about dividing chores around my house and laundry falls on my to-do list. This makes sense for us because I’m particular about how laundry is sorted/washed/hung/folded and, more importantly – I really enjoy doing it! There are a couple laundry-related things that drive me absolutely nuts (namely when a certain person doesn’t flip their clothes right-side-out before putting them into the hamper and when the same certain person doesn’t check their pockets for rogue tissues/money/trash) but, for the most part, I find the monotony of folding endless shirts weirdly relaxing.

Anyhow, I received a sample of Persil Pro Clean Power-Liquid (Original scent) via Sample Source and it has been sitting in my laundry room for weeks. I have my go-to products and, as someone with sensitive skin (and a sensitive nose), I’m hesitant to change things up. Thankfully, I also have a husband with sweaty/dirty work clothes, thick skin, and virtually no sense of smell. Sounds like a job for Persil Pro Clean!

Pro Clean’s product page says that this detergent is formulated with ‘Pro10 Technology’ which apparently removes all manner of stubborn filth and grime to deliver 10 Dimensions of Clean. That’s not just a lame tagline, they actually define the 10 dimensions:

  1. Stain fighting
  2. Whitening
  3. Brightening
  4. Anti-graying
  5. Clean rinsing
  6. Long-lasting freshness
  7. Odour fighting
  8. Cold water cleaning
  9. Clean fresh scent
  10. Fiber care

If we go by that list, my usual laundry routine cleans in… 3-5 dimensions (depending on whether or not I’m adding colour-safe bleach). Important to note: I typically choose scent-free laundry products so that automatically eliminates 2 or 3 of the possible dimensions. Repetitive list is repetitive.

The sample packet specifies that the detergent is suitable for both regular and high-efficiency washing machines, and is safe for septic systems. The packet itself could be better: it didn’t have a little pull tab or easy-open mechanism so I had to cut the top open to get the detergent out, which made a mess. The directions say to follow my washing machine’s instructions for adding detergent – I have a front-loading HE washer so I dumped it into the liquid detergent cup in the little front drawer. This sample is supposed to be enough for one load of laundry and it filled my liquid detergent cup to the ‘max’ line. Story checks out!

The Pro Clean liquid is blue and Original smells a crisp, a bit tart, and reminiscent of stereotypical ‘clean laundry’ scent. It was a bit jarring to me because I’m used to scent-free laundry, but I didn’t dislike it. I actually find it to be kind of a manly smelling detergent – a good fit for husband work clothes. I washed everything in the usual way: normal cycle, cold water, extra rinse.

The end result? Well… his work clothes are clean! I don’t know that they’re any cleaner than usual, but the ‘Original’ scent sure does linger. I’m not totally sure how I feel about that and I don’t see myself washing my own clothes (or kid clothes) with this stuff any time soon, but I’m kind of digging the zingy scent of Pro Clean over the usual smell of dirty work shirts – especially after they’ve been in the laundry hamper for a few days.

To sum it up:

  • Things I like: suitable for cold water washing, can be used in any type of washing machine and sewer/septic system, effectively cleans dirty work clothes, does a pretty good job of masking sweaty husband funk
  • Things I dislike: the strong scent means this isn’t a product I see myself using on my own clothes or for kid clothing, sample packet was annoying and messy to open