Unboxing Topbox: August 2018

Last month’s box was pretty great so I had no misconceptions about that level of awesomeness repeating itself so soon. (If you’re new here: Topbox is a beauty product subscription box that costs $12, no shipping. It usually includes 4 deluxe samples, though I’ve occasionally received more than 4 samples, bonus trial items, and full-sized products.) August’s Topbox contains 4 items, one full-sized:

Beautaniq Beauty Fill + Tame Brow Gel – Clear: First… I can’t even wrap my head around that name. Is it supposed to fuse Beauty + Botanic? Was Beautanic taken? Anyhow, I have thin, invisible eyebrows that need little taming and won’t be filled much by a clear gel. I might try this sample if it was a tinted gel, but I don’t think clear will do anything for me. Pass.

Pure Cosmetics Silicone Pro Blender: Funny story: I actually received one of these silicone blenders from another brand in a Topbox from some time ago, but I don’t mind having an extra. Unlike a sponge-style blender, these silicone ones are washable, reusable, and waste less product because they don’t absorb anything.

Clinique High Impact Mascara: Remember last month when I said I’m not all that interested in trying mascara samples unless they seem spectacular? Well, I think this one is actually worth trying! It’s a lengthening and volumizing formula, and I’ve always been curious about Clinique’s mascara. Thumbs up!

Barefoot Venus Body Wash – Pink Pepper: I’ve received (and reviewed) Barefoot Venus Lemon Freckle Green Tea body wash before, it’s quite nice. I’m not totally sure what pink pepper is supposed to smell like but I’ll give this a shot. The ingredients look very similar to Lemon Freckle (including the addition of green tea).

Overall, I’m fairly happy with this box and can see myself using everything except the ho-hum brow gel. If you’re interested in subscribing, head on over to their website at http://topbox.ca/. There wasn’t a wait when I first signed up but other subscription box junkies have mentioned landing on a waiting list for anywhere from a month or two, to upwards of 6 months (!!!), before receiving an invitation to join.