About Me

I’m Amanda, and I’m obsessed with trying new things – especially health, beauty, and lifestyle products. I’m also passionate about blogging, personal development, and connecting with others.

Style, Sense & Confidence combines these passions by giving me a way to share information about things I try with anyone out there who is interested in following along. Please remember that the opinions I share here are strictly based on my own observations – not facts. Something that doesn’t excite me about a product could very well be the one thing you absolutely love about it!


The Fine Print

Most of the products I review are self-obtained, though I do occasionally receive items at no cost from distributors or third parties. If a brand, distributor, or third party gives me an item to review, I clearly disclose that fact in my post or video. Regardless of how I obtain an item, my reviews are based on honest assessments and product information/documentation available to me at the time. If you’d like me to review something but only if you get to pre-approve or have editorial control over what I write, that’s not how I roll.

For the most part, I only review categories of things that personally interest me. If I try something and the experience just isn’t interesting enough to write about, I won’t write about it. Basically: giving me something to review doesn’t guarantee a favourable review, or a review at all. Turnaround time for a review could be as short as a few days or as long as a few months, depending on what’s involved, scheduling, and logistics.

I am not a professional makeup artist, esthetician, dietician, personal trainer, chef, doctor, or anything else – and you’ll never see me make claims to suggest that I am any of these things. As such, I make no warranties as to the effectiveness or quality of any product or service. Reviews are based on my personal experiences, observations, and opinions. Other people may have different views or experiences, and that’s both okay and normal.

Style, Sense & Confidence retains full copyright of material on this website. Permission to reproduce, redistribute, and/or refer to our copyrighted property is granted for personal use only on the condition that all such use gives proper attribution to Style, Sense & Confidence and this website at www.stylesenseconfidence.com.


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The small amount I receive in affiliate return helps cover the cost of registering this domain and maintaining a secure WordPress site full of interesting content. Any time you use an affiliate link, I greatly appreciate it!